• Daisy Healy, pictured, from Dublin's north inner city has her very own YouTube channel which updates fans about her latest escapades

    Toddler has hilarious conversation on the phone

    This is the hilarious moment a toddler talks to an imaginary friend on the phone – filling them in with the latest salacious gossip. The youngster from Dublin was filmed talking into a landline phone by her dad, who posted it on the internet. The footage was shot in a hotel and since the beginning of the month has been viewed more than 26,000 times. During the one minute long video, Daisy shows an impressive range of facial features while talking to her imaginary friend . She tells them through the phone: ‘I am very hungry and I was thirsty and all, like. Daddy keeps taking photos and it’s very…

  • President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron gesture during their meeting inside the Elysee Palace in Paris, Nov. 10, 2018.

    VOA News 2018-11-14 with transcript and audio

    VOA news. I’m Christopher Cruise reporting. Palestinian groups in Gaza say they’ve accepted a cease-fire after Hamas fired hundreds of rockets at southern Israel, killing a Palestinian man, and Israel launched dozens of airstrikes on Gaza. Palestinians say at least seven people were killed. Egyptian mediators are due in the region Wednesday after the worst cross border violence in years. Correspondent Linda Gradstein reports for VOA from Jerusalem. In a statement, all the organizations in Gaza said they had accepted a cease-fire mediated by Egypt. “Egypt’s efforts have been able to achieve a cease-fire between the resistance and the Zionist enemy,” the statement reads. “The resistance will respect this declaration…

  • From around age 30, women’s testosterone levels fall as their ovaries’ production of hormones gradually declines

    Testosterone gel is safe for women with a low sex drive

    More women could be treated with testosterone gel for a low sex drive after menopause, according to new research. The hormone — which, in men, controls sex drive and adult male characteristics such as facial hair and muscle mass — has increasingly been prescribed to post-menopausal women for low sex drive, tiredness and low mood. However, concerns have been raised about whether the hormone increases their risk of breast cancer. That’s because testosterone is converted into oestrogen in the blood — and in some women, oestrogen can stimulate breast cancer cells. Now, a review, to be published next month in the journal Anticancer Research, has found there is no evidence…

  • Health

    Women face sex harassment at work: survey

    More than 60 per cent of women have experienced sexual harassment at work, according to the interim results of a major national survey. The Australian Council of Trade Unions’ online questionnaire began in September and will run until November, with about 7500 people participating so far. Interim results revealed that of the 6793 who answered questions about their experience, 61 per cent of women and 35 per cent of men were subjected to sexual harassment at work. While 64 per cent of people witnessed sexual harassment in the workplace, two-thirds did not make a formal complaint and 40 per cent didn’t tell anyone. More than half feared negative consequences if…

  • Jesus Reyes pushes a television down an aisle as he shops at a Black Friday sale at a Best Buy store in Overland Park, Kan.

    Black Friday: Shop it or skip it?

    A solid 70 percent of Americans plan to shop on Black Friday this year, according to a recent NerdWallet study conducted by The Harris Poll. But the nature of a day centered around shopping can almost inevitably lead to overspending. Here are three ways to tell whether participating in Black Friday is really right – or actually wrong – for you. CONSIDER WHAT YOU’RE BUYING Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is known for long lines, big crowds and low prices. And while the shopping holiday often does deliver unbeatable deals on things like electronics, certain items are cheaper at other times of the year. Clothing is generally a bargain…

  • pictures of North Korean missile bases

    CNN 10 2018-11-14:California’s historic wildfires;pictures of North Korean missile bases;working in North Korea

    CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Raging wildfires have forced more than 300,000 people out of their homes in California, and that`s our first story this Wednesday on CNN 10. Thank you for watching, I`m Carl Azuz. A woman from the town of Paradise, which is in Northern California, thought her life was over when her car was surrounded by flames. She called her husband, who told her to get out and run; she did, feeling around through the ash until she reached a fire engine. Firefighters pulled her inside and bulldozer came through and cleared a path for them to escape. This is one of the harrowing stories aboutthe campfire,…

  • Natalie Portman: The Star Wars and Black Swan beauty’s face is noticeably rounder, right, after the birth of her daughter

    Can pregnancy REALLY change your face?

    Glowing – literally – in a neon-yellow raincoat, pop singer Cheryl turned heads when she promoted her new single last week. The twice-divorced mum-of-one, 35, has largely shunned the spotlight since having her son, Bear, last March, and separating from his father, One Direction star Liam Payne, this summer. But she left fans baffled and concerned by her drastically altered appearance — her cheekbones rounder, her jawline squarer. The transformation left some querying whether cosmetic surgery — specifically an over-zealous use of fillers — had contributed to her changing features. ‘Why has Cheryl destroyed her face?’ asked one fan on Twitter. An (unnamed) plastic surgeon suggested cheek and lip fillers,…

  • Public parks are plentiful in Singapore with residents using them to exercise outside

    Five countries where people live the longest

    Explorers throughout history have searched for the legendary fountain of youth. And while the elusive fountain has yet to be found, certain places across the world have emerged as centres where people live substantially longer than the worldwide average (around 71 years), and each has its own secret source of vitality. We talked to residents in some of the countries where people live the longest, as ranked by the 2017 World Happiness Report, to uncover the reasons why these places seem to nurture longevity. Japan Living to 83 on average, the Japanese have long had one of the highest life expectancies. Okinawa, often called ‘the land of immortals’, has been…

  • It’s good to cover up when you cough.

    Sneeze Into Your Elbow, Not Your Hand. Please.

    When you feel a sneeze or a cough coming on, covering your mouth prevents the spread of infectious germs. You probably knew that. But the way you cover up also matters, and there are plenty of people who haven’t yet heard the consensus guidance of health officials: If no tissue is available, you should aim into your elbow, not your hand. Even if that means breaking a long-held habit. “If somebody sneezes into their hands, that creates an opportunity for those germs to be passed on to other people, or contaminate other objects that people touch,” said Dr. Vincent Hill, chief of the waterborne disease prevention branch of the Centers…

  • A sleep deficit can affect the safety and productivity of individuals in a workplace

    You’re Getting Very Sleepy. (So Is Everyone Else.)

    Inadequate sleep causes more than $400 billion in economic losses annually in the United States and results in 1.23 million lost days of work each year, researchers have found. The impact of chronic sleeplessness in the United States far exceeds the costs in other industrialized countries. The runner-up, Japan, loses as much as $138 billion annually to sleeplessness among workers, but that represents a greater share of its economy, researchers at the RAND Corporation found. The number of individuals who sleep less than the recommended hours is increasing in the developed world. From 20 to 30 percent of these workers complain of a lack of sleep on a daily basis.…